Greenlight Bookstore

One of my favorite places around Clinton Hill is the Greenlight bookstore. Ever since I was able to read bookstores fascinated me with their infinte potential for knowledge and Greenlight hits the spot. I am buying more books than I can could ever read and Greenlight is where I feed my addiction.

Of course they have in stock every single well known book, any popular book nowadays, art book, travel guide, cook book, children's book, etc. but they also have a tone of events where you can meet the writer or meet other readers via the book groups.

At Greenlight you can meet a staff that really loves books, from they way they describe the books to the programs they do (group books, kids story reading groups, podcasts, etc.) to their generous "frequent buyer" program. From Greenlight's staff I got some amazing recommendations over the time, for example thanks to them I can list 'The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin as one of my favorite books.

I can talk about this place forever, but maybe some photos from today would help you understand it better. As a fun fact, one of the writers they were highlighting today is Jennifer Egan who (I read on her Wikipedia page) lives in Clinton Hill as well.

PS: The Brooklyn Public library in Clinton Hill is a great place as well where you can find all the books you'd possibly want; I'm just a horrible person that likes seeing at home shelves full of dead trees, sharing these dead trees with friends and opening random ones to read random passages.