Green Grape

I know it's highly unusual for someone to rave about their grocery store but you have to try Green Grape. When was the last time you've picked up a tomato from the store, smelled it and sensed a strong tomato vine smell? Maybe I was shopping in all the wrong places, but to this question my answer used to be that I haven't smelled a real tomato in more than 20 years, when my grandparents planted tomatoes on a small patch of land.

The vegetables and the fruits in Green Grape are a delight and most of them being grown around the New York area so they didn't pollute too much getting to you. The non-local items have to be superb to make up for the distance and meet Green Grape's high bar (if you haven't tried California's "Harry's Berries" before, you're in a for a treat).

Green Grape has an impressive collection of cheeses; I wish to try more of these but I love the L'Amuse Gouda so much that I buy it every time I go shopping and end up not experimenting. There's also a butcher section in the store with fresh meat from local, small, independent farms -- if you want to treat yourself to a delicious roast at home, this is the place where you should be buying your meat from.

I feel like I'm not Green Grape justice with this blog entry (... mainly because of my lack of writing skills and partially because it's 1am) but go and visit the place and smell their fruits and vegetables ... it's free ;-). I hope you'll get to love this place as much as I do.


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